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The Arizona Law Group of Trezza and Associates, LLC, Attorneys - Bankruptcy, Tucson, AZ


This is a simple five step process that I can handle for you. So long as all the interested parties do not dispute any part of the proceedings then I can have a Personal Representative appointed by the court quickly and distribution of the estate assets can begin shortly thereafter. I can also handle contested cases. Call me to set a free consultation to discuss the matter further.


If the estate is worth less than $100,000 then you may not need a probate


A Beneficiary Deed is a great tool to keep your home out of probate.


Here are some reasons you might need a Trust. 1) Your estate is worth more than the Unified Tax Credit. 2) You are in a second marriage and you or your spouse have children from a previous relationship. 3) You own more than one parcel of real property. There are others and if they are part of your circumstances then I will suggest a Trust.


This is a simple document and we inclide it in a package along with a Living Will, Health Care Power Of Attorney and Durable Power of Attorney.


I handle uncontested guardianship cases where all interested parties agree as to the best interests of the Ward.


Same for conservatorship, all interested parties must agree as to the best interests of the Ward.

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